Morning Adult Fitness Class. Recreation in Southern Illinois, Centralia


Centralia Recreation Complex

Centralia, Illinois

Centralia Recreation Complex


Centralia Recreation Complex
Morning Adult Fitness Class

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Time: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM

Cost: $24.00 per month for members

         $48.00 per month for non members

Fitness classes are supervised by Coach, Dick Carpenter, who brings years of fitness experience.

* Cardiovascular

* Weight Training

* Agility Training

* Flexibility


About Fitness Programs: The Centralia Recreation Complex has a complete fitness room with trained instructors. We offer adult fitness classes, cardio workout classes and appointments are available with a personal fitness trainer. Coach Carpenter and the Complex do ask that any person wishing to take this class that is under a physicians care bring a release from their doctor.

Centralia Recreation Complex

115 E Second St.

Centralia, IL 62801